Hear karate testimonials from our students and parents about the great things happening at the Bougyo No Kan Dojo!

Colleen Roberts

Over the course of several years, Sensei Larry Cruz and this dojo have been a second family to our children. I have personally witnessed the many benefits, physical, emotional and spiritual, that being a part of this dojo provide. Our daughters have an understanding of self, a confidence that only comes from many years of guidance and encouragement. Sensei Cruz has provided that much-needed gentle push to succeed. Anyone who joins our dojo will succeed because the instructors go the extra mile to ensure personal growth and physical excellence. With medals from every single competition they have entered, the dojo’s reputation speaks for itself.

Crystal Weber

Several years ago, I was looking for an activity for my son and I to do together. Much like a lot of kids these days, he was content to spend his time watching TV and playing video games, with no physical activity at all, and I wanted to get him off the couch. Plus, as a single mother, I felt it was important that we be involved in something positive together, where we would encourage each other. He had trained at another dojo a couple years ago, and had lost interest and quit. Sensei Cruz suggested we come down to his new dojo and give it a try. I was hesitant; I never thought of myself as the “type” to practice karate, but I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I’m so glad I did. The fact that I am in the class with him has inspired my son to continue with his training. Also, I came into the program with a lot of fears. I’ve never been an athletic person and I expected to have trouble keeping up, but Sensei Cruz assured me everything would be fine and that I would be working at my own pace. I also had a severe case of stage fright, but I am gradually overcoming it. A year and four months later, I am a blue belt getting ready to test for my green, and I have won ten medals in AAU tournaments, four of which are gold. I have qualified to compete at the National level. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would have achieved this much, I would have laughed. This program has shown me the potential that I didn’t even know I had. I am doing things I never thought I could do, and my confidence is way up. Our dojo provides a positive environment, and we are truly a family. I am truly grateful to Sensei Cruz and Sempai Roberts; they have given me the support and the push that I needed, and I am truly better because of it.

Ed Shemanski

The best thing I can say about Bougyo No Kan Dojo is the sense of family. From the moment I joined I felt like I was part of a family dedicated to helping each other succeeded. I never felt like I was an outsider or that I didn’t belong. Even though my skills were not at the level of a lot of the other students, I never felt looked down on or made to feel less important than any other student. I’ve trained at a few other martial arts dojos in Orlando and, well this is home. The instructors are the best. They care about each student 100%. They will work with you to bring out your best. The best you didn’t know you had.