Class descriptions

Little Dragons – Kids


 Our Little Dragons Class is a fast paced, fun session geared for children from ages 4-6. This class will get students use to the classroom setting, helping them develop their focus and understanding the teacher student dynamic. The program will start with balance and coordination drills as the students start their martial arts journey. 

Karate Classes – Kids


 Our Kids Class is a energetic, fun session. Geared for children from ages 7-15. This hour long class teaches focus, proper Karate etiquette and the entry level techniques needed to advance into the Adults Class. 

Karate Classes – Adult/Family


 Our Adults class is focused on traditional karate techniques and combat effective self defense. This class teaches beginner through advanced students. This class is recommended for ages 113 and older, and gives adults an option to train with their children. 

Karate Classes – Advanced


 Our Advanced Class is a weekly session for students Green Belt and above. Advanced techniques will be presented so our higher ranking students can continue to develop beyond their current knowledge. 

Karate Classes – Competition


 Our Competition Class is an extra class offered to prepare our competitors for the AAU Karate Competition season. This class focuses on different kata (forms), sparring techniques and kobudo (weapons training) for competition. This class is recommended for all students who have an interest in competition. This is not a required class. 

Guest Instructors


This class is offered once per month for students of all ranks. Our guest instructors bring many years of knowledge of various martial arts such as Karate, Aikido and Kobudo.