Bougyo No Kan Shudokan Karate


Bougyo No Kan (Boge Yo No KAN) means “House of Defense”. Our Winter Park Karate instructors believe that self-defense is the ultimate weapon. We offer a dynamic and enjoyable experience to all students – beginners to black belts. 

About Our Program


Our martial arts system’s roots come from the unarmed combat systems developed in Okinawa and Japan. We teach the main principles of the Shudokan Karate system as developed by Kanken Toyama. Shudokan means house of the ultimate way. We at the Bougyo No Kan Dojo take that to mean it is perfectly acceptable to add techniques and other philosophies to the core system to help keep it well rounded. This prepares our students for whatever they may encounter. It is with this philosophy in mind that we have added techniques from Judo, Ju Jitsu, as well as the Shorin Ryu and Goshen Ryu systems of karate. To accomplish our goal of producing well rounded martial artists, we teach kata (prearranged forms), goshen jitsu (self-defense), kobudo, and free sparring. 

Our Philosophy


At the Bougyo No Kan Dojo our mission is develop our students into the best martial artists they can be. With the tools we provide, you or your child will be more successful in life. We help parents in the development of their children. We help students stay on the right path and realize that nothing is out of their reach. Our program stresses self-esteem, self-control, self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-direction. To accomplish this we instill a positive attitude in our students. We teach our students how to set goals for improvement and develop a persistent drive needed to overcome life’s obstacles. This positive attitude will allow them to be successful in their education, career, or martial arts journey. With these goals in mind, we know our students will develop improved habits that will lead towards long term success in life.